Cute Malayalam Baby Names

allbabynames4u has a great range of Cute Malayalam baby names.Many Names Come up which are beautiful,unique and meaningul. A Name is Forever in the life so in order to help the parents we always try to give best unique and Cute baby names for the parents. if you are looking for Cute Malayalam baby names then it is the best time to select Cute Malayalam baby names which are given below.
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Name Gender Meaning ADD
Aaghnya Girl Born From Fire, Goddess Lakshmi Add
Aahna Girl Exist Add
Aandaleeb Boy The Bulbul Bird Add
Aashi Girl Smile Add
Aashiyana Girl Beautiful Home Add
Aathmika Girl Related To Aathma Or Soul Add
Abhidhya Girl Wish, Longing Add
Abhilasha Girl Desire Add
Abhiri Girl A Raagini Of Indian Music Add
Abhisri Girl Surrounded By Glory, Shining, Powerful Add
Abirami Girl Godessname; Godess Lakshmi Add
Abja Girl Born In Water Add
Achala Girl Constant Add
Adarsha Girl Ideal Add
Aditri Girl Highest Honor, Goddess Lakshmi Add
Advika Girl Unique Add
Agrima Girl Leadership Add
Ahilya Girl Maiden Add
Ahimakar Girl One who gives warmth .The sun. Add
Ahiraj Girl Whowears serpents.Shiva. Add
Ahladini(Aahladini) Girl Joyous person.Lady in happy mood.Happy lady. Add
Ahladitha Girl Delighted Add
Ahwaintha Girl who has invented. Wanted. Add
Aja Girl One Who Is Self Existent Add
Ajeeb Girl Wonder. Add
Ajendra Girl Kingof Mountains. Add
Akane Girl Someone You Cannot Stop Loving Add
Akashleena Girl Star Add
Akriti Girl Shape Add
Akshi Girl Existence Add
Akuti Girl Princess Add
Alaina Girl Dear Child Add
Alaknanda Girl A River In The Himalayas Add
Alda Girl Rich Add
Alka Girl Lock Of Curly Hair Add
Alop Boy That Which Does Not Disappear Add